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Must Fix
183 90 months ago Effect on Internet Transparency Pending reh
211 90 months ago Security rules on MA multiplexing Text Proposed reh
124 91 months ago MTU text Text Proposed reh
123 91 months ago Multiple MA usage for reliable delivery Text Proposed reh
208 91 months ago Rate control rules for D-mode Text Proposed reh
200 91 months ago Scope of message processing rules in 4.3.2 Text Proposed reh
202 91 months ago Difference between RAO and NSLPID meaning Text Proposed reh
198 91 months ago Relationship: MA/flow/session Text Proposed reh
157 92 months ago MA-Hello request/response processing Text Proposed reh
193 92 months ago TLS Identity Checking Text Proposed reh
192 92 months ago GIST Peer Authorisation Text Proposed reh
186 92 months ago Alternatives to TLS Text Proposed reh
184 92 months ago IP Option and other encapsulation handling Text Proposed reh
191 92 months ago Routing State Errors Text Proposed reh
182 92 months ago Requirements on SID generation Text Proposed reh
172 92 months ago Detailed guidance on Query refresh timing Text Proposed reh
180 92 months ago General extensibility discussion Text Proposed reh
179 92 months ago Complexity of security transfer attributes Text Proposed reh
178 92 months ago Clarification of forwarding responsibility in example Text Proposed reh
181 92 months ago Relationship to IETF BCP on NAT traversal Text Proposed reh
174 92 months ago Explanation of state installation timing Text Proposed reh
129 92 months ago D-mode evolution Text Proposed reh
128 95 months ago Clarification of Figure 2 (Protocol Stacks) Text Proposed reh
143 95 months ago GIST Hop Count processing rules Text Proposed reh
164 95 months ago Legacy NAT Traversal Text Proposed reh
125 96 months ago Re-arrange C-mode transport discussion Text Proposed reh
115 97 months ago Allowed D value for LE-MRM Closed reh
121 97 months ago Incorrect timer processing in MA state machine Closed reh
108 99 months ago GIST version number Closed reh
98 107 months ago Negotiating MA_HOLD_TIME Closed reh
102 107 months ago Error message for MRI validation failure Closed reh
68 107 months ago Order of stack protocols Closed reh
96 107 months ago Messaging Association Merging Closed reh
73 107 months ago Stateless nodes can accept DATA messages Closed reh
71 107 months ago Query message retransmission Closed reh
79 107 months ago Corrections to Example Message Sequence Closed andrew
78 107 months ago Minor corrections to rerouting diagram Closed andrew
65 109 months ago Format of NT object Closed reh
22 109 months ago Specification of handling of the NAT-Traversal object Closed reh
60 110 months ago IANA Considerations Closed reh
29 110 months ago Channel security mechanism selection Closed reh
59 110 months ago Interpretation of D flag in MRI Closed reh
57 110 months ago Setting and Interpreting the R-Flag Closed reh
58 110 months ago S flag from end systems Closed reh
1 110 months ago Protocol Name Closed reh
51 111 months ago Relationship to extensibility draft Closed reh
48 111 months ago Error messages, codes and formats Closed reh
45 111 months ago Timer value formats Closed reh
33 111 months ago Error message for no-routing-state Closed reh
20 113 months ago Object extensibility handling in GIMPS Closed reh
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